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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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A Message from the DS


October brings with it two special awareness opportunities that are close to my heart.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, 2013 thanks to a regular screening.  Breast cancer does not run in my family so I had not always been diligent about getting that annual mammogram.  Last year, Scott insisted that I do it and my cancer was discovered.  It was found early and my treatment was surgery and radiation therapy. Now a year and a half later, I am cancer free and thankful for all the doctors, nurses, and technicians who have helped me.  I proudly wear pink this month to remind everyone (men can get breast cancer, too) that knowing your body and getting those screenings are very important.


I am very thankful for a supportive group of women that meet monthly to talk about our experiences, learn more about advances in cancer treatment, and work to bring community awareness year round.  The Breast Friends for Life Group in LaGrange has been a great help to me and I appreciate their friendship.  I hope that our churches will reach out to cancer survivors and give them a safe place to share their journey with this terrible disease.


October is also Pastor Appreciation Month.  I have the opportunity of working with 111 elders, deacons, full-time local pastors, part-time local pastors, extension ministers, and those on leave.  Let me take this opportunity to thank you for what you do.  I am honored to work with you.  I also ask that all of our local churches celebrate your pastor's leadership sometime this month.


Called Session of Annual Conference
Bishop B. Michael Watson announces that he is calling a special Annual Conference session at 10 a.m, Saturday, October 25, 2014 at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia. The purpose of the session will be to receive a report from the Conference Board of Trustees regarding offers for the Simpsonwood property. Members who must attend are defined in 2012 Book of Discipline paragraph 602 (clergy) and 602.5 (lay). Members should expect to hear and act on a motion for a closed session of Annual Conference in order to hear and discuss the report of the Board of Trustees, followed by an open session of the Annual Conference to consider and to take action on the resolution presented by the Board of Trustees. From 2012 Book of Discipline ¶ 602. Composition and Character - 1. The clergy membership of Annual Conference (¶ 370) shall consist of deacons and elders in full connection (¶ 333), provisional members (¶ 327), associate members, affiliated members (¶¶ 344.4, 586.4), and local pastors under full-time and part-time appointment to a pastoral charge (¶ 317). (See also ¶ 32) ¶ 602.5 The lay member or alternate, whoever was last seated in the Annual Conference, shall be seated in a special session of the Annual Conference when convened, provided that no local charge shall be deprived of its lay member due to death, serious illness or cessation of membership. Under such circumstances, another lay member may be elected by the charge conference. (See ¶ 32.) - See more at: 

District Connection Groups
We have begun the District Connection Groups!  Every church in the LaGrange District has been assigned to a group and one clergy from each group has been designated as the group leader.  (Click here for a list of the groups and leaders.)  Groups should now be meeting to plan activities for the coming year.  These groups will provide an opportunity for clergy and laity within close geographic proximity to get together for fellowship, worship, and mission projects.  If you have not seen information about these activities, check with your pastor. 

LaGrange District Facebook Page
The LaGrange District is one of the few districts with a Facebook page.  If you are on Facebook, be sure to check us out and "Like" us.  Churches are encouraged to post information about their events and activities on the district Facebook page.  Also, if you have videos of church activities we would love for you to post those also.  (The LaGrange District)