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Sunday, February 07, 2016

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A Word from the District Superintendent


I always look forward to our District Day of Training event.  This past Sunday, we gathered at Newnan First – the sanctuary was full of people eager to learn more about church leadership.  I want to thank Newnan First for hosting the event – for the staff and volunteers that helped us get from play to place and for all work that took place before we arrived.  Thanks also for the snacks that kept us going.  We had an excellent faculty this year – thanks to each of you for giving your time and knowledge to help our leaders be more effective in their place of service.  A special thank you to the LaGrange District Connection Ministries Team and to Denise Wilson who coordinated all the details of the event. 

Most of all, thanks to all who participated.  I know that Sundays are busy in the life of the church so I appreciate the time and energy you gave to better your church.  I was also impressed by the joyful spirit and Christian fellowship that rang through the halls of Newnan First.  I enjoyed getting to talk with you and sharing in the joy. 

I wanted to report that we received $878 in our special offering for our El Salvador land purchase fund.  That puts us over the $9000 mark toward our $20,000 goal.  I hope that each church in the district will contribute to our fund.   Let me challenge you to have a special fund raiser for this project.  A hot dog lunch after church or a donut sale would be a great way to help us push on to our goal.  Remember that if each of our 96 churches gave $208 – we would be at our goal.  Please send your gift to the district office as soon as possible.

I am so proud to be a part of the LaGrange District and I hope that you are, too!



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