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Sunday, March 01, 2015

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Church Spotlight

Peachtree City UMC

God’s Spirit is at work at Peachtree City UMC as we anticipate the second annual Global Impact Celebration (GIC) taking place February 5-8.  The GIC is a time when the church and our local, regional and international mission partners come together to celebrate all God is doing throughout the world.  In 2014, PTCUMC was transformed as attendees asked God to increase their faith in God’s ability to provide for their needs.  In response, individuals and families trusted God and made a promise to give gifts over and above their tithe to provide support for the mission of the church. In 2014, the result was a five-fold increase in mission support over 2013. PTCUMC received an additional blessing when two of our own families answered God’s call to serve as missionaries.
      During GIC, attendees promised to give their time and talents to mission activities that involved witnessing for Christ in both word and action. In 2014, thousands of lives were touched.  Children in Guatemala and Liberia were taught about Jesus, educated and fed.  Fayette County residents were given health care, food, clothing, financial assistance, prayers and hugs.  Men and women in Atlanta were given meals, shelter and warm coats.  Hundreds of “flood buckets” were delivered to UMCOR to be used for disaster relief all over the world.  Older adults were served meals and the Lord’s Supper.  Local homes were built for families in need, and United Methodist Churches were planted in Colombia, South America.  These were a few of God’s plans last year.
      In 2015, our GIC is based on 1 Corinthians 3:5-9. As the Apostle Paul writes, he emphasizes that it takes each of us….not just one of us, to sow a seed, to water it and to nurture it.  Yet, it is not all about us. It is about God working in us, through us, with us.  Paul is telling us that we are “God’s fellow workers…God’s field, God’s building.”  We are sowing something great, not alone, but with our mission partners, directed by God.
     28 of our mission partners will be with us this year.  We will worship, pray, eat, serve and play together.  As we meet with our partners, our roots will go deeper within missions serving in Fayette County and as far away as East China.  The excitement will show as we witness the ways God is making these seeds grow.  Let it be “sow.” Grow along with us on Facebook or at


Your fellow farmer,
Tamlyn  Collins
Associate Pastor – Serve Ministries
Peachtree City UMC


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